Mareli&Danie’s Beautiful Wedding day at Leriba Hotel, Centurion

December 14, 2017

Strydom Liefdes Fees:

Wees altyd beskeie, vriendelik en geduldig, en verdra mekaar in liefde.
Lê julle daarop toe om die eenheid wat die Gees tussen julle gesmee het, te handhaaf deur in vrede met mekaar te lewe.
Ef 4:2-3

Mareli and Danie’s approach to their wedding day was so unique and refreshing! They wanted their wedding to be a big celebration with all of their favorite people sharing in the joy and love that they have found in each other. And for this reason they decided easily on their venue, Leriba Hotel in Centurion, Pretoria, as they have many memories there already with family and friends. The wedding is fun, minimalistic with lots of romance.

Mareli&Danie’s beautiful wedding day at Leriba Hotel, Centurion, Pretoria Wedding Photographer Appelliefie Art


Danie was at a stage in his life where he told his parents that he wasn’t going to get married and Mareli told her own parents that she was probably too picky to settle down… But during October 2016 (probably more out of curiosity than anything else), both found themselves on a little dating site called Tinder. And in Mareli’s words “You swipe left, swipe right, chat to a few people, have a few disastrous dates and then out of the blue match with somebody who really peaks your interest.”

At that stage Mareli was away on holiday in Cape Town, so conversations evolved around nature, traveling, wine-tasting and fun activities to do outside of work. There was an immediate connection between the two, and the first time they actually spoke to one another over the phone, the conversation lasted for over an hour. Danie wanted to meet as soon as possible and Mareli couldn’t wait to get back to Pretoria to do so!

“During our first coffee date, we both realized that all the ingredients for the start of something very special was there. It was unbelievable how we just clicked on every level and how we shared the same values, beliefs, visions and sense of humor. From the start we could chat about anything and everything and connected on a level that you will probably only experience once in a lifetime (if you are very lucky.)”

Things escalated very quickly and by December when these two were ready to meet each other’s families… and the “meet the parents” introduction happened, and thing were already so serious there was already talk of church bells ringing in the future!


With both of them being avide lovers of nature and the outdoors, they planned their Easter holiday to travel to the Kgalagadi to experience nature at it’s best. “One evening Danie packed in some champagne and took me onto one of the sand dunes to watch the sunset (and what a magnificent sunset it was!) After popping the champagne he said to me that this would actually have been the perfect spot to get engaged. And that was it. End of conversation. No engagement. That same night, we were sitting outside watching the stars when he told me to google the moon phases. Totally oblivious (and a bit annoyed from his engagement comments on the dune) I jumped onto my phone. The next moment he was kneeling next to me with the most stunning engagement ring which lit up the Kgalagadi sky even more than all the stars we were looking at. I was completely surprised!” Mareli.

Favourite things about each other?

We have the same sense of humor which is a big part of what makes our relationship so special – we can get lost in our own little world of laughter and jokes.

When you find your soulmate, you realize what a deeper love and connection is about and we love the way we love, care for and understand each other.

Mareli “Danie has such a good heart and sincere interest in people which makes him even more attractive to me. It is so easy for me to adore and respect the man and the person he is.”

Danie “Mareli amazes me with the attention she has for small things which might seem insignificant to others. She has a genuine interest in knowing what is important to people and little things that make the tick.”


“After trying on numerous boutique wedding dresses and realizing that a traditional wedding dress (full of frills and metres of material) was not for me, I came across Lady Lace Bridal who keeps sample stock of the most amazing dresses you can pick and choose from and then customize them to your heart’s desire. I fell inlove with a blue lace dress and immediately knew that this dress in blush pink and ivory would be my match.   It was elegant, comfortable and exactly what I was looking for.” words of a happy bride…


  • Don’t fuss the small things!
  • As long as you have all your special people around you, good food and music, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable day.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Leriba Hotel

Wedding Dress Designer: Lady Lace Bridal

Make-up & Hair Stylist: Carey-Lee Krige Hair studios

Pretoria Wedding Photographer: Appelliefie Art + Photography

DJ: Nitelife productions

Cake and Macaroons: Sugar Smith

Leriba Hotel Wedding, Centurion Venue Pretoria / Mareli & Danie Strydom’s Liefdes Fees / a beautiful love-story





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