Marianne and Zane / a beautiful wedding

January 11, 2016

 Marianne and Zane

Their love story

Marianne and Zane met at a braai that both of them where invited to through different friends. A few months later they ran into each other accidentally at the Mall and exchanged numbers, started talking and eventually went on their first date. that was the beginning of it all…

The proposal

Zane invited Marianne for dinner one evening. After dinner he took a blindfold and covered her eyes. she had thought he wanted me to taste a new combination he tried that didn’t look too good, haha. When I took the blindfold off he was standing on his knees with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asked if I will marry him.

Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_3 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_1 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_2

The Dress

Marianne: “I went to a few places to fit wedding dresses but nothing caught my attention. The dresses were either the wrong size or not how I imagined myself on my big day. I ended up at Olivelii with one of my bridesmaids. As they brought about 20 or so dresses, one of them caught my attention. Initially I saw this dress because of its colour. It was rum pink. I told my bridesmaid before fitting any of the dresses that this was going to be THE dress. She stared laughing and said I must stop being a rebel and wear a white dress but after seeing the dress on, not even she could think of a reason not to wear this dress.


Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_7 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_6 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_9 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_10 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_8

Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_11 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_12 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_13 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_14 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_15 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_16 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_17 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_18 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_19

Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_20 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_21 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_22 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_23 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_24 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_25 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_26 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_27 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_28 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_29 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_30 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_31 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_32 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_33 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_34 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_35 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_37 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_36 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_41 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_42 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_43 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_44 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_46 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_45 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_58 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_57 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_51 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_52 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_53 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_48 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_50 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_56 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_49 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_55 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_47 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_54 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_59 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_62 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_63 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_61 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_60 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_64 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_65 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_66 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_68 Marianne+Zane_AppelliefieWeddings_67


Tips from the bride for any newly engaged couples planning their big-day:

1. Start early and don’t leave to many things for the last week or two. You will have enough stress without people breathing down your neck for programs and check lists.

2. On your wedding day stop a moment, relax and take in every second. In a blink of an eye months of planning will be over and you will only have the memories and photo’s left.



Wedding Details:

Venue: Bloem Spa

Wedding Dress designer: Olivelli (Cosmobella)

Flowers: Rosepark Floral Design (bride, groom and bridal party flowers)

– Other flowers done by bride’s grandmother

Stationary: Appelliefie art+photography

Hair: Letitia – Beauty Square

Make-up: Marisa Swarts – Blush make-up

DJ: Stefan van der Westhuizen


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