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January 7, 2015

Marieke and Paul met more than 5 years ago, while attending a bible study together* And in his own words: “It was truly a story of love at first sight. One evening when going to church I noticed this angel stopping not too far from me. My heat skipped a beat and I knew I had to meet this girl. I started to get much more involved with the church activities simply to spent time with this angel that crossed my path. One Saturday after a marathon exam session I could hardly keep my eyes open from exhaustion we suddenly made plans to go watch a rugby game together. All tiredness disappeared and I went to spent some time with this girl of my dreams and we simply hit it off… HAPPINESS…” and that was the beginning of their beautiful lovestory.

They got married in Bloemfontein, at Woodlands Function Venue, in the beautiful afternoon setting and how romantic it was with the sun pouring over them like a delicate veil. I really enjoyed seeing this couple commit their lives to one another, before God and all their family and loved ones. it was such a special day, and i will let the images tell their beautiful story*
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Hair: Nick van Nieuwenhuizen

Make-up: Caren Visser (The art of make-up)

Dress: Bettie Cornelissen

Venue: Woodlands Function Venue

Catering: Olive Chef School

Flowers:Maretha (Function & Wedding house)

Other Vendors: Drape Inc. Star Sound.


Something new to my blog:

Brides Advice

Some tips our bride, Marieke, would give to other brides planning their wedding:

  • Book service providers in advance. Most services are almost fully booked almost a year in advance.
  • Eat healthy & exercise well in advance if needed.
  • Do the engagement photoshoot to get to know how your photographer operates.
  • Print some extra invitations with an rsvp date of a month or so later for guest you would also like to invite (but can’t due to a budget). After some have declined with the initial rsvp date, you can still hand out some more invitations for more loved ones without rushing to get to the printers again.
  • Involve friends & family in the planning – some appreciate the gesture more than one can realize…
  • Plan together – both the bride & groom grew up with an idea of how their wedding day should be one day.


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