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June 10, 2015

Wedding Photography / Bloemfontein Wedding Photographer / Free State Weddings 

Mariette and Ronald saw each other for the very first time whilst both being at a mutual friends house. And both felt they just couldn’t take their eyes off of each other! Later the same evening, they bumped into each other for the second time while out dancing at one of Bloemfontein’s clubs. they had a great eying together, which caused Ronald to follow up and find out her number from their friend, and (as she says:) “that more or less is the start to everything.”

Groom getting ready_2Groom getting ready_4 Groom getting ready_5 Groom getting ready_6 Groom getting ready_7 Groom getting ready_3

The Proposal:

Mariette admits she made it so difficult for Ronald! Nothing he seemed to plan, worked out… They were in Harolds-bay on holiday, and one evening they were sitting outside under the starts enjoying the view from the balcony, and Ronald got up and asked Mariette for a hug… and as she got up, he went down on one knee… And she just started crying… so much she couldn’t answer him! Little needs to be said about her answer!Bride getting ready_1 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_2 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_3 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_4 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_5 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_6

The Dress:

Mariette and Casper are good friends, so at all of their friends weddings, she always said (that when the day came…) he would be the one to make her perfect dress*

“because his dresses are breathtakingly beautiful!” And she felt that from the moment she stepped into his studio, he knew exactly what she wanted*

Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_12 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_13 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_7 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_8

Mariette’s sister-in-law designed and handmade each of the bridesmaids dresses for her special day.Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_14 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_15 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_9 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_10 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_11 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_Altissimo_16 Bride getting ready_Appelliefie_Altissimo_17

Ronald and Mariette had a very elegant wedding at the Reservoir following the Ceremony which took place at the NG Klipkerk. They went for a fun, laid-back, yet elegant and classy affair, with a romantic flair, and it definitely turned out to be just that!

Ceremony_1 Ceremony_2 Ceremony_3 Ceremony_4 Ceremony_5 Ceremony_6 Ceremony_7 Ceremony_8 Ceremony_9 Ceremony_10 Ceremony_11 Ceremony_12 Ceremony_13 Ceremony_14 Ceremony_15 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_1 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_2 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_3 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_4 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_6 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_5 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_8 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_7 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_10 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_9 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_11 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_12 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_13 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_14 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_15 Appelliefie_Wedding_Navalhill_16 Appelliefie_Wedding_Oliewenhuis_17


Mariette’s Advice for any Bride-to-be in her planning of their special day:

– Start early, so that you don’t have to stress so much at the end!

– AND enjoy!! It’s such a fun and happy time*


A big thanks to Anneke Louw for helping Second Shoot at the Ceremony, as well as the Groom getting ready 🙂


Ceremony Venue: Klipkerk

Reception Venue: Oliewenhuis, The Reservoir

Catering: Oliewenhuis/ the terrace

Wedding Dress Designer: Casper Bosman / Casper Designer Wear

Flowers: Grand Room Design – Ulrich

Hair: Salon Mary Jane – Mariaan

Make-up Artist: Visionnairre Beauty – Samantha Saffy

DJ: Magpie – Margaret Whitfield

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