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June 19, 2015


Adriaan & Esme

Bloemfontein Wedding Photographer / Bloemfontein Weddings / Free State Photographer / Goose Hill

Their Love Story: 

They met in Bloemfontein, and after a few dates it was more than obvious for them to see, as well as say: they had fallen in love. Adriaan told Esme she was the first girl he could truly be himself with, and she felt exactly the same way! After a few ups and downs, where they realised how their differences made their relationship stronger, and complimented one another, they knew they could stand the test of time, standing together no matter how big or how small the obstacles that lie ahead, they knew they wanted to stand together and face them, together as one they could overcome anything* 

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The Dress story:

With a talented designer and creative mind in her sister, Reka Vivier, Esme felt so at home deciding on ideas for her perfect day, and the dress was just as easy to decide upon. Putting a few of her favourite style ideas into one gorgeous dress, Reka handmade it herself adding a few unique style ideas of her own, and took time to make her sisters day just perfect with the perfect dress.

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The Proposal:

After a lovely night out for supper one evening, Adriaan and Esme went by his house on the way home, and as she entered his home, all the lights were off…

Upon switching the lights on, Esme was so ecstatic to see Adriaan down on one knee in-front of her asking her to spend the rest of their lives together.

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It was so special when Adriaan and Esme decided to use their special day and create the perfect moment to Dedicate their son, Bernd, in-front of all their loved ones, family and friends. Promising to raise him on God’s Word, in His principles and to put God as the centre of their family always, as in their marriage, the foundation of it all*

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Esme’s Advice for any Bride-to-be in her planning of their special day:

When inviting, we all know it can be a difficult part of the planning… who to put on the list, who have we seen in the last year, who is expecting to be invited… But Esme’s Advice: INVITE ONLY those people close to you

AND then go on a huge honeymoon* (as Adriaan and Esme did! With a gorgeous and romantic trip around Europe and a few stops along the way on a boat cruise… how we all would have love to see some of those beautiful sites!)


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Goose Hill 

Catering: Goose Hill Venue

Wedding Dress designer: Reka Vivier (Catelina’s Boutique)

Hair: Ane Roos

Make-up: Diandra Buitendach (Beauty Box Makeup Artistry)


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