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June 17, 2015

Bloemfontein Weddings / Wedding Photographer / Free State Wedding

Robyn & Ockie’s love story:

Coming from the same religious background, they have known each other for as long as they can remember. They were never really friends though until Robyn asked his best friend to be her matric farewell date, it was actually also the beginning of their journey… As a group they all started getting to know one another better and Robyn and Ockie rather enjoyed each other’s company. Then Ockie asked her to meet him for coffee one Tuesday afternoon at Coco C, alone… They spent hour after hour there, just chatting and Ockie declared his intentions to get to knowher better (this was his way of asking her out)!!

And in Robyn’s own words: “And because he is such a stand up guy, he first spoke to my mom to get her blessing! (Awwww!!)”


The Dress story:

This is such a unique story, of Robyn and her mother finding her dress, I just had to share it*

Four years ago Robyn walked past Que’s boutique (which at that stage wat in Mimosa Mall, Bloemfontein) and saw an unforgettable dress. The next day she took her mother to go have a look at it. She loved it, just as much as Robyn had fallen for the dress, they were both speechless. They decided right then and there and made arrangements to fit it on at the designer. It was a perfect fit! They bought the dress right there and kept it until Robyn found my Mr Right.

Sometimes the dress just finds you, even before you were looking.

Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_2 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_3 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_4 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_5 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_6 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Bride_7

The Proposal:

Ockie, Robyn and her mother went on holiday to a nature reserve in the Transkei. It had been raining every day since their arrival, and so, on the one clear day that they could enjoy, they decided to go walking along the beach, through a lagoon and over a hill, down and past two small rivers… needless to say, they enjoyed the hiking and love the outdoors. On a hill-top, with such a beautiful lookout point that has an 180 degree view of the sea, Ockie picked a weed’s flower and gave it to Robyn. Then he asked her mom to take photos of them and while she was taking a photo, he went down on his knee and asked her to marry him.

Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Groom_1 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Groom_2 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Groom_3 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Groom_4 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_1 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_2 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_3 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_4 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_5 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_Ceremony_6 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_1 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_2 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_3 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_4 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_5 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_6 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_7 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_8 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_9 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_10 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_11 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_12 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_13 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_14 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_15 Appelliefie_Wedding_Bloemfontein_16


Robyn’s Advice for any Bride-to-be in her planning of their special day:

“Don’t be engaged for too long, the stress will kill you!! Do it quickly so you can get it done and enjoy the gift of marriage!”


Ceremony Venue: Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Reception Venue: Oppie Plot 

Catering: Kanono’s Catering 

Wedding Dress designer: Stanley Baptiste 

Flowers: Waldorfs

Hair: The Loft Maison Costa

Make-up: Shanelle Steyn

DJArista Ras     

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