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May 13, 2016

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Rosslyn & Marius / A Love Story

Rosslyn and Marius met through mutual friends at a student house. She was secretly very happy when one of her friends invited him to a braai at her house (as she already thought he was a great guy and, of course, very good looking…wink wink). Rosslyn admits that he was actually very difficult at first. He didn’t want to know anything about a relationship and normally this would send her in the other direction… but this time, something told her to hang in there. After 7 months she eventually decided that it was about high time to ask Marius where their relationship (friendship) was going and with that one question, they decided to give it a try. Rosslyn : “I am so glad I did not give up because who would have thought he would be the man I am marrying.”

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The Proposal

One Friday night, Marius asked Rosslyn if she wanted to go for a photo shoot sometime, which was rather odd coming from the man who hates being in photos. Of course she said yes. He replied “Good, because we are booked for Sunday morning”. After a few photos were captured, the photographer said “How are you enjoying your first couple shoot?” where-upon Marius turned to Rosslyn and admitted that it wasn’t a couples shoot, but rather an engagement shoot-WOW! And with those words barely out in the air, he got down on one knee and took the ring out his sock (his hiding place, one where he was certain Rosslyn wouldn’t get suspicious to check, like a pocket)…



Their FAVOURITE thing about each other?

Marius says: Her caring heart.

Rosslyn says: How he makes me laugh.

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The Dress

After trying on a few dresses, Rosslyn hadn’t had that “Wow” feeling yet, not even by images of gorgeous gowns on the internet, her heart was’t won over just yet… and so the search carried on. Walking into “yet another” dress shop without high hopes… turned into a wonderful day!! She found a dress that knocked her breath away and, cherry on the cake: her sister agreed. Wanting just a few alterations, she had the gown custom made and just changed a minor detail or two. Rosslyn: “I am a very plain person and also very indecisive but when I saw this one I knew this was the one! She just took one measurement and 5 months later I went for my first fitting and it was perfect!” The perfect wedding dress for Rosslyn*

The bridesmaids dresses:

Seeing a gorgeous style in a store,  but not finding the perfect colour to match her wedding day’s colours, Rosslyn looked further for something perfect, and came across a beautiful picture of exactly what she wanted, and asked someone she has known for years to make them for her and her girls.

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From the Bride, to any lovely lady planning her wedding day / tips Rosslyn you give newly engaged couples for planning their big-day?

*Although many families contribute to weddings, it stays YOUR day. I was very lucky in this regard with all the support in the world.

*If you are indecisive, always take someone with, be it your future hubby or bridesmaids. They will be able to give input as well.

*Start booking the big things first. Don’t think if you have a year left before you get married, you will get the date and venue you want. Venues fill up quickly.

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Wedding Day Details:

Venue: Warm Karoo

Wedding Dress designer: Fairytale Dresses

Flowers: Grand Room Design for the Venue, and  Magda Rheeders for the Bouquets

Stationary: Invitations & Creations (Marzaan)

Hair: Leona

Make-up: Blush Make-Up by Marisa Swarts 

DJ & Sound: Creative Kilowatt

Other Vendors: Drape Inc / Cakes4brides / Callula Designs (Bridesmaids Dresses)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Pretoria Wedding Photographer : Appelliefe Art + Photography

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