Cindy and JP’s Wedding / Cussonia Crest – Pretoria Wedding Photographer

June 18, 2019

{ The Love Story }

Cindy and JP met in May of 2013. At the time Cindy was a waiteress at Burger Bistro Pierneef, a restaurant very close to where JP lived that only opened earlier that year. JP knew the owner very well…even though it didn’t make them meet any earlier ;-P

Cindy’s best friend (and maid of honor), Nadine, dated her brother during that time (and these two are now engaged to be married – YAY!). Cindy’s brother grew up with JP (“how we never met, only God will know”).

“My brother and JP were having a few beers at a friends (Ruan, JP’s best man) house. Nadine spent that Saturday morning with me and asked me to drop her off at Ruan’s house on my way to work.

Arriving at Ruan’s house both my brother and JP stepped outside to greet Nadine. JP then noticed me, asked a few questions and ended the conversation by asking me to please come back after work. I arranged with my brother and JP to pick me up from my house after work and the rest is history…”

{ The Proposal }

“While visiting one of our favourite places in South Africa (Sabie) we decided to show our friends our favourite waterfall, The Bridal Veil. Because this was the first time we were there in the summer-time, I suggested we take a picture under the waterfall. With great effort and laughter we reached the spot we were planning on standing. Our friends took the picture and I started walking away (because I was soaking wet) – JP then called out my name and as I turned, I saw the most beautiful picture :him under the gorgeous waterfall, on his knees and the only words he managed to get out “Sal jy asseblief met my trou?” “

{ The Dress }

It took my mother, my maid of honor and I, three whole Saturdays to find my perfect dress. 

Because of my modeling background my mother and I made peace with the fact that we will not have the moment most mom and brides have when they find the perfect dress…

After going from boutique to boutique, putting on the one dress after the other, we eventually ended up at The Bridal Room in Brooklyn. It was dress number 47, the last dress I was scheduled to fit (we decided that we would design our own thereafter). As the curtain opened, I looked into my mothers’ eyes and there were tears, tears that neither of us could stop, and then I knew this was the dress that will also bring tears to the eyes of my future husband.

{The Bridesmaids dresses}

The first Saturday the three of us went dress shopping for me, without any success, we decided to go to China mall Centurion to shop for a few things. The first shop we entered had the skirts I had in mind for my bridesmaids to wear.

I figured that since Nadine was with me, she should try it on so we can confirm whether it’ll work- it didn’t.

Being quite disappointed after two let downs in one day, my mom suggested that she should fit on a dress that appeared quite flattering and came in the same colour as the skirts I had in mind.

Nadine gladly put on the dress and instantly fell in love with it! As fate had it, there were only 3 dresses left, in the exact sizes of my bridesmaids. We bought all three and the other 2 girls were just as happy when they first laid eyes on their dresses.

{ Tips from The Bride and Groom to engaged couples who are planning their own wedding day}

Start by calculating your budget – and live by it!

Spend money on a photographer and videographer – it’s all you have to remember your big day.

Don’t try to do everything by yourselves, you have friends and family who will gladly help you (for free).

Your day is not about pleasing other people or putting on the perfect show for your guests, it’s about becoming one before God, nothing else really matters.


Ceremony and Reception Venue : Cussonia Crest

Wedding Dress : Bridal Room

Flowers : Theo van Wyk

Bouquets : Charlotte from Elite Flowers

Hair Stylist : Laurine from Head Rush Hairdressing

Make-up Artist : (Private- by mother of the bride)

DJ : Fame Productions

Donut wall donuts : Donut worry Pta

Groom’s men suits : Smart guy

Grooms suit : Jones & Kent

Pretoria Wedding Photographer : Appelliefie Art &Photography

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” ~ When Harry Met Sally

“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.” ~ The Vow

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