Liam’s Family Session* / Pretoria Newborn and Family Photographer

January 6, 2017

At the end of 2016 I truly got to capture some families and sessions (weddings and newborns – all those things I love so much!) that made my heart glow! As a Pretoria Newborn Family and Wedding photographer, I truly enjoyed seeing families love and laugh and have fun just being themselves, and this is the essence of what i want to portray as a photographer. The love that blossoms in life, how a couple grows through the marriage, their milestones as a family and new little humans being added in to all the love that can be shared! yes, the entire reason i photograph>>> LOVE GROWING EACH DAY<<< the blessing to capture pure, precious, beautiful moments – this is muy passion as your photographer!

AND For a fun family session with 4 week old little newborn baby boy Liam, I truly got to capture these moments! And so to capture their home-style newborn session mixed in with a fun outdoors family photoshoot all-in-one, we were off to Irene to capture some beautiful memories of this precious family!

Liam, I hope you had a very blessed first Christmas <3 with Chloe as a precious older sister, I can only imagine it was a great Family experience together for the first time!

Family Fun together, captured at their home in Irene, Precious moments and memories in photos for always*

Pretoria Newborn Family photographer, Appelliefie Art

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