Lisa-Mari&Declan / Lifestyle Maternity Session – Bloemfontein Photographer

September 14, 2015

Lisa-Mari and Declan Coughlan had their Maternity session photographed at home, in the comfort of everyday life for the 4 of them (Mom&Dad-to-be with their two furry babies). A lifestyle shoot is always something I have wanted to do and expand into, and just absolutely loved the idea of combining it with the precious moments of pregnancy. Their sweet home is full of love, and it is pulled into every room, especially little Liam’s (soon to be here, and I cannot wait for his arrival and newborn photography session to come) room, and the simplicity in pulling their style, with its quirky-ness and cute animal toys and teddies together with modern clean lines and open spaces, into the nursery as well*

Lisa-Mari, may the last few weeks be very blessed!

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