Aidan’s Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session / Pretoria Lifestyle Photographer

October 10, 2016

 Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

This newborn lifestyle photography session was such a special one, for friends of our who had had their son, Aidan. And to capture the tranquility, joy and happiness for their new experience together as a young family, was truly precious! Carl and Odette, Aidan is blessed to have you two as his parents, just as much as I know, you two are very blessed with such a beautiful and precious new baby boy!! CONGRATULATIONS, and may this new adventure

{And Winnie the Pooh says it best: “a grand adventure is about to begin” together with “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen” ~A.A. Milne }
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Aidan’s room is truly gorgeous, and put together perfectly! I loved capturing the detail that would be with him through his toddler years, and as he grows, become some of his favorite toys and stories and places to hide 🙂

and I just LOVE the quote from James one verse seventeen, which says that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights” how beautifully that captures a new child brought in to the world, capturing parenthood and the privilege that we have been given to raise children, shape and guide them in this world… appelliefieart_lifestyle_baby-aidan_0001 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0031 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0030lifestylephotography-babyaidan-appelliefie-art-photography8 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0028 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0027pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0020pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0022 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0021

pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0015pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0017pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0018lifestylephotography-babyaidan-appelliefie-art-photography6 appelliefieart_lifestyle_baby-aidan_0003

Carl and Odette have two fur-babies and it was so special to capture the bond between this family of five, with their two schnauzers who truly have a special place in their family as well.

pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0007 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0009 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0008pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0010 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0013 pretoriaphotographer-appelliefie_0011

I loved every minute of this lifestyle photography session, and it truly is so precious to capture in your own home, the personal space that is uniquely to each family, the place where you grow and play and learn and love…

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is always with family!

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session captured by Family and children photographer Appelliefie Art

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