Easter Weekend*

April 18, 2014

So on a more personal note (which I rarely have done, but wanted to share with you all) I am away a bit this weekend, as it is Easter weekend, and not just any long weekend but a Special one!

We are off to Cape Town for the weekend, with the Two Oceans Marathon… and no I am not running the full marathon, but the 1/2

And it is a special run this year, as it will be my first one again (have a couple in the bag before my injury) after my car accident: where I broke my neck… yes: for those of you that this is new to, it was a very difficult time fore me, but God is so good! i am Fully healed and healthy and truly a miracle to be here and standing and walking around and thankful for my recovery…

SO this year I am going out to have fun, to enjoy the run and race, and doing it knowingly, OF how lucky — no, how BLESSED – I am to be here, to be healthy and be able to run!!

so for all of you out there who have had it rough in the last year and a half, like me, and my recovery process, I am doing it for all of us…

may this easter season be a blessed one for each of you

Thank you for all your love and support, not just to my Photography friends and fans, but to my physical health supporters who have been there for me through it all*


All my Love



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