a few precious photos from this FIRST birthday party

February 1, 2017

**Some BUNNY turned ONE **

Janine loves Rabbits, and with the nursery having more than just a few, the idea to incorporate some Bunnies into the party came easily*

The day was beautiful and sunny, and started off with a race… Harrismith is a pretty town, and now Joshua can start to explore.

a fun, Relaxing, FAMILY FILLED birthday out in the Garden – JUST WHERE THE PERFECT BUNNY BELONGS 😉

JOSHUA turns ONE and we celebrate with a few friends and family, and special moments captured*


first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0001 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0002 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0003 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0004 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0008 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0012 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0014 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0016 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0017 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0018 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0020 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0021 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0022 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0023 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0024 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0025 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0026 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0029 first_birthday_appelliefie_PRETORIA-Photographer_0034

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