About Me

Hello! My name is Caitlin,

I am an Artist and Photographer, 
with a love for natural light, natural beauty and beautiful photography stories.

How I like to describe my style and what I love doing :telling&capturing your story…

I am a vibrant artist who is passionate about God, loves life and all the beauty that surrounds us! I am blessed to have been given the talents of creativity, capturing beauty and the essence of the everyday!

Appelliefie started with an intense passion for ART and Photography! My zeal and enthusiasm for art goes right back to the beginning of my childhood, and with time has grown and been nurtured and developed into this irresistible desire and intense passion to capture beautiful moments. Memories that will make your heart melt to look back and see the sweet details of your Love story as it evolved into what it is today…

I strive to capture the true essence and personality of the people I photograph. I have a natural, spontanious, with a photo-journalistic approach & focus on capturing YOUR LOVE-STORY AS IT GROWS!

I live in Pretoria, Gauteng; and love travel – so message me to hear if you are not too far off, don’t be shy 🙂

Other things I absolutely adore (alongside Art and Photography):
– My amazing Husband

– my amazing kiddos! it is such a blessing to be their mom

– family
– Our four legged kiddies: two Chow Chows!
– and a good cup of coffee! (so I always love coffee dates to get to know clients: Message me and lets make one!)

You will usually find me:
a. behind the lens
b. at the computer (working or making art)
c. Playing with my sons and furr-babies
d. quality-time is my love language* so that says is all!

And I think that about sums me up

AND one big big part of my love for photography: Capturing families as they grow… the most beautiful gift, and privilege I have!