Johane&Dieter / Pretoria Wedding Photographer

May 29, 2016

AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-1 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-12 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-9 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-6 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-5AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-3AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-10Their Love Story

A week before their very first date – after seeing each other in the gym a few times – Dieter told a friend “With that girl, one day I will take her for a coffee.” And so, with a very “modern” and “not-to-be-taken-seriously” approach (the brides own words!) Johane’ received a Facebook inbox message for coffee. At this much awaited first date, Dieter “dissed” people walking around barefoot in public – unknowingly all the while Johane’ shyly pushed her bare feet further under the table… Complete opposites! Exactly what they would call themselves! They started to build a strong foundation on friendship, learning to love their differences. And even with all the differences, they have one amazing bond in their common ground of a strong love for God! Which ultimately lead them to such a wonderful and strong relationship.

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The Dress

“I’m not a girly-girl” Johane’ explained, the very first time she taught of her wedding day or dress, was when Dieter had proposed. She was clueless on ideas. She had an idea that it would be a different dress, and not a traditional dress of sorts, and she also had in mind that a few years down the line, people would look back and think “how could you get married in that?!” but that it would be a piece of her own personality, a reflection of herself. And with that, wedding dress designer Elmerane’ du Plessis got to work on something beautiful, unique and creatively reflecting Johane’ so well.

With the bridesmaids dresses Johane’ had also wanted something different, something different and white! She had always wanted them to be all in white* Giving them her ideas, she allowed them to complete the look according to their own ones. “It came out pretty cute” if she may say so herself 🙂

AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-28 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-29 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-31 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-32 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-34 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-36 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-37 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-38 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-39

AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-40 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-42AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-44AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-45AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-43 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-47 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-49 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-50 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-52AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-53

The Proposal

Having bothe moved to Kimberley (Johane’ to be closer to the love of her life) they went horse-riding one morning on a friends farm nearby. Dieter kept asking to take photos (which was rather odd in Johane’s opinion, as he was definitely not the photo type – and this not letting any lightbulb’s go on for Johane’ that something was a brew…), after three quarters of an hour, Johane’ was rather “over it” and getting so hot, she asked that they leave… “No!NO, just one more photo” was Dieter’s response, and so she posed for ONE more, and as she turned to walk away, Dieter grabbed her arm, turning her back towards him… where he was quickly down on one knee asking her to be his wife. Like any other day before it, Johane’ loved that it ward an ordinary moment, no candles or roses, no cliche’ … the perfect example of who they are, their perfect moment!


AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-57 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-58 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-59 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-60 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-61 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-62 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-63 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-64 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-67 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-68 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-70 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-71 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-72 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-74AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-76 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-77 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-78 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-79 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-80 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-81 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-82 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-83 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-86

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Dieter’s Favourite thing about Johane’ : “I love that she is a very creative person, and also the fact that she is still child-like – getting excited over the small things in life.”

Johan’s favourite thing about Dieter: “I love that he is such a strong person. Not in his muscles 😉 but in his mind – his relationship with God. That no matter what he will never compromise when he puts his mind and heart into something. On Christ the solid rock he stands!”

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AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-131 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-130 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-128 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Rosslyn+Marius-1 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-132 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-133 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-137 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-136 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-138 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-139 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-140 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-141 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-142 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-143 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-144 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-145 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-146 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-147 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-153 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-148 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-149 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-150 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-152 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-158 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-159 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-162 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-161 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-154 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-155 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-157

Tips for planning your wedding day from the Bride, Johane’:

-RELAX – “I’m one of the most laid-back people and not fussing over our wedding has made very step of the way memorable.”

– Focus on the promise that you two, Bride&Groom, are going to be making to one another. (“Who cares if there is no food or the dj doesn’t pitch – You are becoming on with you r best friend!”)

– Oh! and it is okay to fight – this is only the beginning 🙂

AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-171 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-170 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-167 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-169 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-172 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-173 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-168 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-174 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-163 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-164 AppelliefieARTWeddings_Johane&Dieter-175


The Wedding Day’s details:

Venue: MonteBello Estate

The Dress: Elmarane’ du Plessis

Decor: Colour CC (Shaun Moffat)

Cake: ArtistiCake (Jeanine Grobbelaar)

Hair: Christo

Make-up: Bronwen Hurndall – Mimosa MUD (Mimosa Mall MUD Stand)

Pretoria Wedding Photographer: Appelliefie Art & Photography

Sound/Dj: Star Sound


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