Anne-Mare & Erick / Bloemfontein Wedding Photographer Free State

January 29, 2015

 A Bright Bloemfontein Garden Wedding:

Anne-Mare and Erick had a beautiful morning Wedding at Olive Ranch.  The garden was set up with bursts of colour, bright pinks and oranges all around. The Reception looked just the sam, colour all around! and it spoke directly of who AnneMare and Erick are, you could see it was a wedding to depict them as a couple, full of love and detail. With som decor, and even the wedding desert table, handmade by family and friends, the Bride didn’t lack for anything.

Anne-Mare & Erick // a Bloemfontein Wedding

IMG_1194 IMG_1235 IMG_1213 IMG_1316 IMG_1340 IMG_1355 IMG_1358 IMG_1363 IMG_1391 IMG_1409 IMG_1423 IMG_1437 IMG_1440 IMG_1477 IMG_1692 IMG_1537 IMG_1566 IMG_1668 IMG_1526 IMG_1593 IMG_1726 IMG_1704 Bride&Flowergirl

Anne-Mare and Erick have know each other for almost 30 years, with little contact though. And when Anne-Mare moved into her new apartment, and needed some help with storage, who did she call…? Erick was her knight in shining armour* This started a deeper friendship-Courtship that turned their lives around and was the beginning of their love story.

IMG_1735 IMG_1814 IMG_1627 IMG_1852 IMG_1619 IMG_1648 IMG_1643 IMG_1659 IMG_2064 IMG_2061 IMG_2022 IMG_2011 IMG_1994


Hair: Danel Liebenberg

Make-up: Annemarie Smit

Wedding Dress: Sharne van Rhyneveld (Kristall Mantwa)

Bridesmaids Dress: Kristall Mantwa

Catering: Olive Ranch Wedding and Conference Centre

Flowers: Isabel Du Preez (Izami Florists)

Stationary: Madelein Slabbert (Elein laser cutting & design)

Getting ready images : Allegro Guesthouse 


Brides Advice

One Tip from our bride, Anne-Mare,  to other brides planning their wedding:

“Plan ahead to make all your dreams come true for your wedding day”




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