Tanika&Basil / Monte Bello, Wedding Photographer

November 4, 2015

Tanika and Basil van Straaten

– Monte Bello Bloemfontein, Free State Wedding

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Tanika & Basil’s love story:

Tanika: “Basil and I met at a mutual friends birthday party in March 2012, we spent the whole night chatting away and immediately felt a spark between us. We both left that night wondering when we would see each other again. Three months later, in late June 2012, we happened to run into each other again surprisingly with the same mutual friend. This was obviously a sign as we couldn’t stop thinking about each other from the last time we saw one another and took the opportunity to get to know one another better. Since that day we never spent a day apart and so as we say I do, we get to live the rest of our days together.

P.S. Basil had told our mutual friend the first night we met that he was going to marry me… and so as you speak positive life into what you want, so it shall be. Precisely three years later we get to live our happily ever after.”

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The Proposal:

Being the “girly girl” that Tanika is, a friend of hers phoned to ask if she and Basil would come for a photo shoot because her husband wanted to try some new photographic techniques for his hobby. Tanika first hesitated to ask Basil as he never liked photo shoots, and to no surprise he said no. To Tanika’s surprise, Basil called her back a few hours later to tell her that he had changed his mind.

Tanika: “That very next day on the 7th of February, we drove out to Glen to the stunning bridge that crossed the water, we spent at least an hour taking random photos, and the next moment Phillip (the photographer) told me that he wanted to take a few photos where I stood directly in front of Basil, and Basil would walk towards me and then I would turn around and look at Basil….and so we started the choreographed routine. I smiled into the camera, Basil walked towards me, I turned around and bang, Basil was on his knees. I was so speechless and dumb struck, I had no idea what was going on, but when Basil said those amazing words with the biggest smile I had ever seen, I couldn’t stop shaking or crying…I asked him a few times if he was serious hahaha. The next moment I saw my friend pulling out champagne and glasses from her hand bag. It was awesome… Oh and what a smart move on Basil’s side, he knew that for the proposal to be a surprise he would have to think smartly. He had arranged the photo shoot a few months prior already and acted like he didn’t want to go to stop me from expecting anything.”

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Tips from the Bride for newly engaged couples planning their big-day:

Whenever you struggle to make a decision, being whatever it is, ALWAYS go with what is true to you and who you are!!!



Venue: Monte Bello Estate

Wedding Dress: Olivelli

The Flowers and Stationary was done by the bride herself

Hair: Jeanene Grove

Make-up: Beauty Full Image (Sharlien Wentzel)

DJ & Lighting: Sonique Productions

Musician: Wian Burger

Décor: Grand Room Design

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