Renieze&Jaco/ a Winter Wedding – Pretoria Wedding Photographer

September 9, 2016

I recently traveled from home, Pretoria Gauteng, to the beautiful landscape of the Free State. With family there, it truly makes photographing weddings in Bloemfontein and that part of the country so easy, as well as giving our precious little one a visit with his Grandma. And on this specific wedding weekend, this Pretoria wedding photographer had so much fun at Monte Bello Estate, with a gorgeous day and gorgeous weather! Not to mention a beautiful bride and beautiful wedding venue and decor!! Well done Jeanne-Marie, as always-stunning wedding!!

Renieze and Jaco tied the knot in the beautiful city of Bloemfontein, in the Free State.

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a Love Story 

During the time that Renieze was studying, she and her girlfriends had a regular catchup-relaxing glass of wine at a local restaurant, Galaxy Sports Restaurant. Little did she know, but as she frequented the restaurant, the General Manager, Jaco – would turn out to be her best friend and soulmate.

“At first, we were a big group of friends hanging out at Galaxy and afterwards, when Jaco’s shift was over we would go out dancing. I had my eye on him since then! One night after we all went out and Jaco gave me a ride home, he came in for a coffee and then he ‘forgot’ his name tag at my place. It was only a few years later when he told me he had to do something to see me again, so he ‘accidentally’  left it there, only to return the following day. It was also on this day when we shared our first kiss and since then we were inseparable!”



The Proposal

On Monday, 28 September 2015, Reneize’s sister gave her a call… and sounding rather depressed, Ilze asked Renieze, that after a rough day, if they could go for a glass of wine after work. Normally Jaco and Renieze would have their ‘date night’ on a Monday and it was the night of their 2nd anniversary, but Renieze couldn’t let her sister be alone in the state she “sounded.” And so Ilze pick her up and off they went to The Office, close to home. After much chit chat about a rough day at work for Ilze, and contemplating options for a special 2nd anniversary for Renieze, she did realise her sister kept on checking her phone… saying her boyfriend was looking for her so she can’t stay long. After a while she dropped Renieze back home. And much had changed since she had left!

“When I went through the door I noticed the whole room was lit with candles and there were heart balloons floating in the air with a big ‘Happy Anniversary’ banner. The table was set and Jaco was waiting for me. Still I had not expect anything, since we hadn’t even looked at rings yet! We had a 3 course meal, which Jaco specially prepared. He was so nervous and I thought it was because of all the effort for our anniversary! When we got to the dessert, he knelt down on one knee and presented the perfect ring in the chocolate mousse (shaking heavily!) and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him!”


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The Wedding dress

Renieze:”The first time I saw the dress was on Pinterest. I searched for hours and hours and went from one Bridal shop to another with my sister to fit dresses, but just couldn’t find ‘the one’. Afterwards, I decided to take a big risk and order it online. I saw the dress, now I had to find it again! And find the website , etc. Do you know just how many dresses and websites there are online? Later on, even my friends Li-la and Annette searched for the dress online! Finally I found it and continued with the order. It came from China and customs held it back for a while for inspection, my nerves were shuttered! Luckily, all went well and it looks even prettier than on the picture. I have ‘the one’!”

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I LOVE… {Real Weddings have Real Feelings}

Renieze: I absolutely love his sense of humor. He can always brighten my day, no matter the situation. When I’m really down or had a long day, he just knows what to say and do, to make me feel better. I also love the way he treats me and talks to me, with so much respect, he really makes me feel like a princess!

Jaco: My favourite thing about Renieze is that she is extremely down to earth. Sy is ‘n mense-mens. She never looks down on anyone. She doesn’t stay angry for very long. I really love her personality, she is a truly beautiful person inside and out.

rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0097 appelliefieart_pretoriaweddings_photographer_0005 appelliefieart_pretoriaweddings_photographer_0006

Tips, from the Bride, for newly engaged couples planning their wedding day:

– Don’t sweat the small stuff! In the end, it’s only you that’ll notice it and no one will even know the flower vase isn’t the one you originally picked or the table isn’t where it’s supposed to be. They will still have a good time and you will still be a fabulous bride!

– Also – If people want to assist – Let them! Coordinate! They WANT to help you and it will make them feel part of the wedding arrangements too. (Just remember to sincerely thank them!)

rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0098 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0099 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0102 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0103 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0104 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0105 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0109 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0110 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0111 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0112 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0113 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0115 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0116 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0117 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0118 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0120 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0121 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0122 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0123 rj-pretoriaweddingphotographer-appelliefie_0124



Venue: Monte Bello Estate, Bloemfontein – Free State

The Dress: Online

Flowers: Bride herself

Hair: Mariska Scheurkogel

Make-up Artist: Elzanie Corbett

Pretoria Wedding Photographer: Appelliefie Art & Photography

Sound/Dj: Pieter Milne

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