De Villiers Family Photography Session / Pretoria East Family Photographer

June 30, 2017

De Villiers family Photography Session : Pretoria East

When a baby is welcomed into a family, it is such a privilege and precious part of life! And to see that little one grow and learn and play is wonderful for any parent! So when your little one reaches their milestones one by one: WOW is the feeling and proud for each small or large moment and skill learnt and bought 🙂 so WHEN A BABY – YOUR FIRST BABY, TURNS ONE YEARS OLD _ it is wonderful and such a blessing, mixed with feelings of love, pride, humility and grace, blessed emotions and mixtures of how quickly your little one is becoming a toddler : a little human being who wants to explore the world day by day, trying new things and touching and taking in everything around them… and this is such a beautiful part of parenting: watching a little person find out who he is and what he likes and dislikes, their personality unfolds right before your eyes! Precious moments! And Capturing a Family Photoshoot every now and again to make these memories last a lifetime is one of my favourite things to do <3 I love seeing babies grow, family means everything and to see a couple’s Love-Story evolve, change, adapt and grow into a family and then even further is {to me 😛 } one of life most beautiful treasures <3


Here The De Villiers Family‘s little Morne’ turned one years old, and we had so much fun with a family photoshoot out in Pretoria East at GrandMa’s place, with so much love to go around 🙂

A boy’s story is the best that is ever told.

~ Charles Dickens

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